Welcome to BookMetaHub

We have built a new environment with a free interface to create, maintain and enrich, or export available open book metadata.

Open metadata for books is essential for the transformation of the whole scholarly landscape, and one of its greatest advantages is full, immediate accessibility.

The new BookMetaHub was created to enable institutional scientific publishers, libraries or university presses to easily maintain and enrich their metadata. Stakeholders can make use of a state-of-the-art system to create from scratch or enrich available input via an easy-to-use user interface storing data in versatile BITS XML format. Vice versa, an API will allow for data export in customary industry standards, such as BITS, MARC, ONIX, or Crossref, to facilitate compatibility with and extensive distribution across various databases and repositories and will guarantee compliance with common standards and best practices.

Image by Alan Levine,
CC0 1.0